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  1. My name is Anastatia Aliza Ortiz.

  2. My hobbies include reading,rolor skating, and playing video games.

  3. I go to Blackstock Jr High.

  4. Im in 7th grade.

  5. I am the oldest child.

  6. My favorite color is green because it reminds me of life.

  7. My favorite sport is football.

  8. My favorite football team is the Las Vages Raiders.

  9. My favorite football player is Josh Jacobs

  10. My favorite book is A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park.

  11. My favorite food is anything Itlian.

  12. I have one brother, two sisters and 1 dog.

  13. I am a huge anime  fan.

  14. Im 12 years old

  15. I am going to be telling you about entertantmint but mostly music.

Anastatia Aliza Ortiz, Journalist

Anastatia Aliza Ortiz