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     Salutations! My name is Noelani Fernandez. I attend Blackstock Junior High-school in grade 7th of 2019-2020. I am 12 years old. My ethnicity is Filipino and American. My nationality is USA (American). My hobbies are soccer, volleyball, and drawing (digital). My favorites places are food places like Las Vegas, Anaheim, Los Angeles etc. My favorite music genres  is K-pop, Korean R&B, and original R&B. Some facts in general are that I've been to two concerts in 2019, played soccer for 5-6 years, ballet between the ages of 4 and 5, have 1.6k followers on Instagram, been in Honors/G.A.T.E. since 3rd grade, and I'm an ambivert which is between both extrovert and introvert. :D

Noelani Fernandez シ, Journalist

Noelani Fernandez シ